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Cybersmart Internet Service Provider (ISP) rated the #1 fastest ADSL service provider in South Africa, came to Monzamedia with the request to revitalise their brand in the online space. The instructions were to retain the stlye and ethos of the previous online design and "look and feel", but to inject a fresh and exciting style to the new design.

The brand is well known for the use of character-type advertising to help make packages and deals mnore understandable, so Monzamedia also recreated some of the characters in a more contemporary style.

The challenge was also the fact that the brand has quite a diverse target market - dealing with all LSM types as well as both public, retail and corporate-orientated customers.
Monzamedia also focussed on creating accent colours to help break the monotony of the black branding. The aim was tio help the user identify specific areas on the website based on colour differentiation.

Cybersmart are always open to suggestions on both a creative and design rationale space. It was great dealing with a team who are keen to grow and push the boundaries.