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Monzamedia was commissioned to design and develop a brand new website for the industry leading Plascon Spaces Showroom.

The aim behind the design was to showcase both the sophistication and the style of the Plascon brand as well as the Showroom. The website is completely dynamic and allows the administrator be fully in control of all aspects of the website.

The Monzamedia design team focussed on the User Experience (UX) and made a concerted effort to allow users to easily access different sections of the website.

The Plascon Spaces Showroom is in essence a flagship of the Plascon brand and combines the experience and history of paint into incredible paint solutions, decor, interior design and lots more. The website encompasses these many aspects and feeds off the overall dynamism of the brand.

The "Whats on stage" section is an ever changing physical space at the Showroom that affords interior dezigners to display their respective skills. The website section "Whats on stage" does exactly this. Therefore, even if you are not based in Johannesburg, users still get to experience the style and guidance of leading designers.

The website is totally Responsive and continues to grow and evolve with technology. This is also made possible through the progressive and dynamic Plascon team. An overall tremendous experience for the Monzamedia team.